Will eating low-carb diet foods help someone lose weight?

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A lot of people could stand to lose a few pounds, or maybe even more than a few pounds. What is stopping most of them from doing so is the dread of going on a diet. The reason for the dread is simple: most people associate diets with being hungry all the time, and no one likes that.

The solution to that dilemma is the low-carb diet. Not only do low-carb dieters lose weight, but they also are never hungry! Is dieting without being hungry really possible, though? It is because low-carb diet foods satisfy hunger while causing the body to go into fat-burning mode.

Here is the short version of how low-carb diets work: Glucose is used for energy in the body. Carbohydrates are easily converted to glucose. However, when carbs are restricted, the body has to burn fat to supply energy. This fat-burning state is called ketosis, and low-carb diets are designed to put people into that state.

On a low-carb diet, a person can eat all that he or she wants of foods containing protein and fat. Protein foods include meat, fish, and poultry. That means that low-carb dieters can dine on as much steak and bacon as they wish. They can also eat zero carb dairy products (hard cheeses and butter), as well as healthy oils, such as olive and coconut oil. To add fiber and vitamins, dieters are also allowed to eat several servings of green vegetables and salad greens daily.

What low-carb dieters cannot eat is everything else. Until later in the diet, no starchy vegetables (beans, corn, peas, potatoes, etc.), no grains or bread, and no high-carb dairy products are allowed. No fruits or berries are allowed at first, either. Of course, sweets of any kind and snack foods, such as potato chips or nachos, are completely forbidden.

This may sound like a restrictive list, but remember that within the allowed categories, you can choose whatever you want and eat as much as you want. There is no reason for a low-carb dieter to ever go hungry, and not being hungry helps to curb any cravings for foods that are not on the allowed list.

What would a day of low-carb diet foods look like? Start the day with a breakfast of as many eggs as you cooked in butter, plus as much bacon or sausage as you want. (Be careful with the sausage: check that it is zero carb.)

For lunch, a low-carb dieter could have meat, fish, or poultry, though without breading or sugary sauces. Add to that a large bowl of salad greens topped with an olive oil and vinegar dressing or green vegetables slathered in butter, and there's a meal. Dinner could be similar. Meat, fish, or poultry with either salad greens or green vegetables..

That doesn't sound like a diet, does it? You can also add hard cheeses if you like them. Nutritionists usually recommend keeping your cheese consumption to about four ounces, but eating more in order to curb hunger is acceptable.

Anyone who wants to lose weight, but hates to be hungry, should try the low-carb diet. Since it automatically puts the body into a fat-burning state, it is almost impossible not to lose weight. Even better, since low-carb dieters do not suffer the torture of hunger pangs, they can stay on the diet long enough to finally reach their ideal weight.

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